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By downloading or installing Anti NetCut you agree to the following terms

  1. Anti NetCut is a free software used on your own responsibility.
  2. you are free distribute the software (Anti NetCut) as it's with no modifications.
The products on this site utilize InstallMonetizer.com software recommendation
platform. This valuable service helps us earn money which in turns helps us pay for
resources such as server costs, product research, development, marketing, etc. Our
goal is to develop amazing software for you our users at zero or low cost. 
 Install Monetizer is a software recommendation platform that enables software
developers to recommend other software during installation of their application.
Install Monetizer helps users discover other software and in exchange the software
developers earn commission for facilitating this service. 
Recommendations for various software advertisers appear as full window advertorials.
Only selected high quality advertisers are shown. 
Quality of Products Installed: 
 Advertisers working with InstallMonetizer monetize from the installs we provide in
various methods (from search updates, coupons to freemium products). They review
each product through quality assurance before it is released. However, they
recommend the software developer and end users to review the recommended software
product, its privacy and terms before engaging with that advertiser. This is the
same sort of engagement every user should do when installing any software Other
quality checks: - recommendations are only shown during installing of the software
developers product. No additional advertisers are recommended post install. - users
have the chance to accept or decline each offer. They are shown a description of
the product and links to all privacy and terms for each advertiser. 
Benefits of working with InstallMonetizer: 
 Software developers need to generate money. They have to support their costs in
server costs, product research, development, marketing and more. To cover their
costs, they can either charge their users a cost to access their software products,
or provide their software for free if end users try our recommended advertiser
software. Most users want free software so Install Monetizer’s recommendation
platform the preferred method in which software developers generate money. 
 Install Monetizer values it’s user’s privacy. They are committed to ethical
delivery advertising recommendation and delivery of recommended products. They do
not collect any personally identifiable information. In simple language this means,
they don’t know the name, gender, age, email, and interests of any users. To read
their privacy policy in full, please find it below. In additional, each advertiser
product recommended has its own privacy policy which each user can freely review
before accepting any recommended product. 
Privacy Policy for InstallMonetizer: 
 Install Monetizer herein referred to as (“We” or “Install Monetizer”) regards each
user’s privacy as important. This privacy policy covers the privacy rules
associated with user’s interaction with Install Monetizer’s websites, services or
products and recommended advertiser which are presented to end users via other
partner software products. User’s must review the partner software product’s own
privacy policy and in addition review the privacy policy of any advertiser product
recommended by Install Monetizer. *Partner software product are third party
software developers who have chosen to display recommended advertiser software via
Install Monetizer’s platform. 
WHAT WE COLLECT AND WHY: We collection information to help ensure the products we
recommend are compatible with user’s pc specifications. When a user begins
installation of a partner software product, Installmonetizer downloads a small file
which determines the specifications of a computer, language, software & browsers on
the user’s pc, country level location of a user, and verification of any recommended
advertiser the user installed. No personally identifiable information is gathered.
While visiting our websites, we may send your browser a cookie which is stored in
your browser and allows us to identify it. Cookies are used too help better
understand our users product interest. In addition, our websites include traffic
tracking software which simply tracks the number of visits to our sites and usage of
our site. USAGE OF COLLECTED DATA: Any information collect is anonymous. We use the
data in whole to improve our advertiser recommendations. We do not sell or otherwise
market this information to third parties. We may from time to time share with
advertisers non-personally identifiable information for them to improve the
performance of their products. 
We may share information if required to: (1) comply with law, regulation, subpoena
or court order; (2) detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud, security or
technical issues; (3) enforce this Privacy Policy and/or any other agreements
between you and Install Monetizer, including investigation of potential violations
thereof; or (4) protect against harm to the rights, property or safety of Install
Monetizer, its visitors, users and/or the public. 
INFORMATION SECURITY: We use industry standard encryption and security protocols to
ensure the data collected is secure. Although no technology is 100% secure we strive
to use the best technology to protect our data. That being said, despite the
measures we take we cannot warrant the security of any information provided to us.
Unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure, and other factors, may
compromise the security of user information at any time. 


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