You will learn the proper method to terminate a RJ-45 Cat5e or 2-line telephone jack.

Things You'll Need

  • Cable stripper
  • 110 impact tool
  • Cat5e 4 pair cable
  • Sissors


  • STEP 1: Strip the jacket from the colored 4 pairs, leaving about 2 inches of wire exposed.
  • STEP 2: Separate the colored 4 pair wires.
  • STEP 3: Place the colored 4 pair wires into the corresponding slot on the jack.
  • STEP 4: Using the 110 impact tool, push the wire to the bottom of the slot until the excess wire is cut.

Overall Tips & Warnings

  • Do not untwist the individual pairs.
  • Keep the jacket as close to the jack as possible.
  • Make sure the wires make good contact with the jack.
  • Always wear eye protection.
  • Unplug cables from switches, hubs, routers, and any other devices that maybe connected.